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EdTech Consultancy

Strategic Advice for Schools, Universities & EdTech Businesses

EdTech Business leaders don't know who they can trust in the marketplace. Everyone seems to have an agenda and sell something on the back of a partial advice. 

Our EdTech Consultancy is different. We do not sell or oversell anything, other than our time and experience in the Industry. 

We understand the change management processes very well. We understand it's of no use training teachers to use digital platforms, before you have addressed their desire to do so.

We will never recommend unnecessary software, hardware and cloud infrastructure spend. 

We are truly independent; advice that you pay for should be independent as well. 

Please get in touch on the contact form below, to see how we can help you.








Derive ROI from your IT Initiatives & Investments.

Developing a clear EdTech Technology vision and plan for your institution.

Clear strategic plan and change management processes inorder to realize your EdTech plan and roadmap.























Help Expand your Clientele and Growth

Assist you in doing customer research, positioning your products,

Value proposition improvisation and

EdTech partnerships and alliances.

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